Cable Drum

Vessel Bonding Earth Cable

High­est qual­ity Aus­tralian Made standards-approved superfine strand tinned cop­per earth cable. Avail­able in 6mm, 10mm & 12mm diam­e­ters by the metre or by the 100m roll.

An effective Vessel Bonding System relies on the quality of the bonding wire used.  MPS recommend high grade, multi strand, tinned copper earth wire as the minimum standard. Larger diameter, multiple strand- tinned copper wire  is more capable of carrying an extremely low voltage than a bare wire.    Tinned copper is also much more resistant to corrosion than standard copper and will help maintain the integity of your bonding system and it's connections. It is possible for a bonding earth wire to conduct higher voltages by either accidental connection or during fault conditions.   Ensure that your bonding system is easily identifiable as an earth wire and properly insulated by only using green and yellow AS/NZS1125 approved wire. Tip: Ask your Ships Chandler for high grade electroplated ring tongue connectors.   These should be crimped firmly and protected with a conductive grease for protection from water and contaminants.