Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode

Portable Reference Electrode — Ag/AgCl

Quickly and accu­rately check for signs of gal­vanic corrosion.

The Silver/Silver Chloride (Ag/Ag/Cl Reference Electrode is designed to be used to identify the electrical potential generated by metals in water like drive shaft, eye brackets or through hull fittings. Using those results you can determine a vessels optimum level of cathodic protection. This electrode is available as part of the MPS Cathodic Protection and Test Kit however it is also available seperately and can be used efficiently with any good quality digital multi meter. For best results when measuring a vessel the electrode should be lowered in to the water at the centre of the transom to approximately the same depth as the propeller.  Using the 12 meters of lead to move through the hull with your test kit and sensing probe recording the measurements of the through hull metal.